ACX Master Class — Video Training

2015 Graduates Report Their Progress 30 Days After ACX Master Class Ended

10 thoughts on “ACX Master Class — Video Training

  1. Joey Centofanti says:

    what is the cost?

  2. Joey – There will be two tuition levels — with a major discount for people who take Early Action (who join on the day we open Registration). All the details (including tuition) will be on the Registration page.

  3. Ms Terry Ash says:

    Where’s the registration page?

    1. Ms. Terry Ash: Registration hasn’t yet opened. When it has — very soon — the Registration page will be published for all to see. Everyone who joined our Alert List will be notified in advance.

  4. Jake Stein says:

    How can you describe how many graduates you have and all the projects they’ve completed if there is no way to even register for the class?

  5. Where is the advertised “free download button”?

  6. Hello,

    I am struggling to find the details that I need to really understand what this program will be like, such as the general dates, times, duration, format and cost.

    Also, when will the next offering be?

    Thank you, Kris

    1. Kris: Because the 2019 ACX Master Class begins on Monday, the next class won’t be until sometime in 2020.

      Prior to each new class, we publish a number of videos that tell you all about how ACX works and how our class works. We also publish a highly detailed list of topics that will be taught (and on which nights). Because we’re constantly updating the curriculum to reflect changes either in the marketplace or on ACX, we publish that detailed curriculum only at the beginning of a new class.

      If you put yourself on our Alert List at, we’ll be able to let you know when the next class is approaching. Hope to see you in our next class!

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