Registration for the 2022 ACX Master Class is now closed.

Our ACX Master Class graduates have produced more than
4,700 audiobooks currently for sale on

All since completing the coursework.

Add yourself to the Alert List (below) so we can notify you if and when our next class has been scheduled.

If you’re a previous student, please login to access the class materials.

— Dan O’Day and David H. Lawrence XVII

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  1. @Nita: Alas, the 2020 ACX Master Class already has been taught.

    But because you’re on the Alert List, we’ll be sure to let you know if we teach it in 2021.

    1. That’s fine. Please provide ample up front notice. Thanks!

    1. So we can let you know when a new class has been scheduled, please join the Alert List at the top of this page.

      Looking forward to having you join us!

  2. I am not receiving an email to confirm my interest. Very much want to take your Master Class.
    Thanks, Meg

    1. @Meg: The confirmation email was sent to your Yahoo address.

      Yahoo is infamous for incorrectly labeling incoming customer email as “spam.”

      If you check your spam folder — and anywhere else that Yahoo might put your email — you should find it.

      If you cannot find it — Yahoo did put it somewhere — do you have a different, non-Yahoo address you can use to join the Alert List?

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