ACX Master Class

Our ACX Master Class graduates have produced more than
3,023 audiobooks currently for sale on

All since completing the coursework.

Registration for the 2020 *Home Study* ACX Master Class opens soon! Add yourself to the Alert List (below) so we can notify you as soon as more details are available. If you’re a current or previous student, please login to access the class materials.

— Dan O’Day and David H. Lawrence XVII

If you do not see the blue & white “Alert List” box above this sentence, here’s an alternate route to the Alert Box.

6 thoughts on “ACX Master Class

  1. @David Zierott: It’s a 4-week class, taught online. Because the curriculum continually evolves to reflect changes in ACX and in the audiobook industry in general, we’re not able to more detailed information re: any future class, tuition, etc.

    Probably we’ll offer the class again in 2020. So we can let you know if/when we do schedule another class, please join the Alert List (above, on this page.) Thanks.

  2. Nita F Drakatos says:

    I am very interested in taking this class in 2020. Im on the Alert List. Can’t wait to learn more.

    Nita Drakatos

    1. @Nita: Alas, the 2020 ACX Master Class already has been taught.

      But because you’re on the Alert List, we’ll be sure to let you know if we teach it in 20201.

      1. Nita F Drakatos says:

        That’s fine. Please provide ample up front notice. Thanks!

  3. Mimi Watson says:

    How much is the tuition?

    1. @Mimi: The tuition for the 2021 class hasn’t been determined yet. Because you’re on the Alert List, you’ll be among the first to know. It is, however, a premium class. (“Premium” = “not cheap.”)

      Hope you’ll be joining us the next time we teach the class.

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