ACX Master Class

Our ACX Master Class graduates have produced more than
2,200 audiobooks currently for sale on

All since completing the coursework.

Registration for the 2019 ACX Master Class has closed. If you’d like us to let you know if we offer this class again, please add yourself to the Alert List (below). If you’re a current or previous student, please login to access the class materials.

— Dan O’Day and David H. Lawrence XVII



13 thoughts on “ACX Master Class

  1. Andy Varga says:

    Can you tell me how important is it to be able to do different character voices or accents to be a successful audio book narrator. Also , is there much demand for English accent narrators?

    1. @Andy Varga It absolutely is not important to be able to do different character voices or accents. We address the “character voices” question in this video:

      There’s also no shortage of titles for a narrator with an English accent. In addition to the many books that do require an English accent, there are many books for whom the author didn’t necessarily have a British accent in mind but when the author hears the audition thinks, “Perfect!”

      In the first two videos (, among the graduates you’ll hear from are Jannie Meisberger (English) and Jim Cassidy (Scottish). The number of titles that specifically call for a Scottish accent, of course, is smaller than the the number of titles that call for an English accent. But Jim remains happily busy. While we believe Jim is our only Scottish graduate (so far), numerous active members of the ACX Master Class Mastermind Group are English; none has reported difficulty finding good opportunities.

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