ACX Master Class

Registration for the 2018 ACX Master Class has closed.

If you’d like us to let you know if we offer this class again, please add yourself to the Alert List (below).

If you’re a current or previous student, please login to access the class materials.

— Dan O’Day and David H. Lawrence XVII



13 thoughts on “ACX Master Class

  1. Hawkeye Richardson says:

    How can I get more information about the actual class: synopsis, content, price, etc.? I don’t see any of this information on the website.

    1. To be advised of future classes, including syllabus, tuition, etc., please join our Alert List by using the form on this page.

      1. I’m from Canada and already on the alert list (signed up when it was only open to US and UK residents)but in none of the emails I’ve received has there been any information regarding tuition/price. What does this course cost??

        1. @Marion Burdorf: All the details, including tuition, will be provided when we open Registration. Because you’re on the Alert List, you’ll be advised in advance of the day Registration opens.

          And congratulations on being so proactive that you joined the list before ACX was even open to Canadians!

    2. Hawkeye Richardson: All the information will be provided in full detail when we open Registration. Everyone on the Alert List has been advised exactly when Registration opens. To get all the details as soon as they’re available, please use the blue & white box you see beneath the video.

  2. Please ALERT me when I get an opportunity to participate. Thank you!

    1. @Jean Gray: To be alerted when we announce our next class, please fill in your name & email address in the blue & white box you see higher up on this page. (The one that says “Tell Me!”) Thanks.

    1. @Tammie Allen: Although we won’t be able to offer financing for the people who earn a huge discount by taking Early Action, we’re exploring the possibility of multi-pay for the non-discounted tuition.

  3. Ken Tobin says:

    I greatly appreciate you placing me on your “Alert” list in regards to the upcoming 2018 ACX Masterclass.

    1. @Ken Tobin: We’re not able to add you to the Alert List ourselves. As an anti-spam measure, our host provider requires you to join the list yourself by using the blue & white form (the one that says “Tell Me!”) you see on this page, above these messages. Please be sure to use that form ASAP, to make sure we’re able to update you via email.

  4. Arnold Tolentino says:

    I’m trying to find the “Alert List”, but I don’t see it. What is the best way to sign up?

    1. The blue & white “Alert List” box is higher up on this page. Just scroll upward until you see it. Thanks.

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