ACX Master Class – What Our Graduates Say

Rodney Commercial shot-130

J. Rodney Turner

“Trying to compare the ACX Masterclass to any other VO class I’ve taken is truly unfair — to the other classes. The information David provided regarding the ‘how to’ associated with ACX:

  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Mastering
  • Creating a profile that will draw Rights Holders to us when looking for producers/narrators
  • Effective “hand holding” techniques and messages once we have been selected by a Rights Holder…

…all were worth the price of this class.

In fact, before the class ended, I received an offer to produce a book, without an audition, from a Rights Holder who listened to my uploaded audiobook demo (following David’s instructions) on my newly minted ACX Profile (following Dan’s very specific guidelines). Before I could get the first 15 minutes completed, I received another request to audition for another book. My first four books have been approved, and I’ve got more than a dozen more on the shelf, waiting.

This class was nothing short of amazing. Words cannot possibly express the gratitude I feel for the information the two of you shared, the manner in which you shared it, and the proactive interaction you exhibited with our class in our private Audiobook Mastermind Group.

Thank you again for all of your assistance and encouragement during our class and at every turn since it ended. I feel like I’m dreaming.”

Jannie Meisberger FB-130

Jannie Meisberger

“Dan and David,

Your 4-week ACX Master Class has been the most valuable learning experience in my voiceover journey.

I had avoided seeking audiobook work, finding the technical requirements and explanations of them daunting. You took the time to explain every aspect of the process, answering every question. With your great instructions, I am now narrating my first audiobook, as well as using your tips to streamline my other voiceover work.

You have opened up an opportunity for me that I had hesitated to pursue, and I enthusiastically recommend your class to anyone who is seriously considering audiobook narration. Thank you both so much!”


Joseph Narducci

“The ACX Master Class was a BARGAIN. The information I learned was worth the investment 10 times over. EVERYONE felt the same way.

These guys didn’t just teach theory. I can’t tell you how refreshing this is for me. This class showed me what to do to get actual results that you could SEE once implemented.

The class was a roadmap to success, carefully plotted out. And the class homework was so practical. It’s rare I have taken a class that I could go apply as soon as the lesson was over.

David and Dan OVER-delivered. Even after the class wrapped up, I am still getting emails with help and tips! Incredible.

I was inspired to take action by the personal contact made to me from Dan O’Day. I could tell he was equally dedicated to the students as he was to his conviction that this class was IT! I was inspired by the content of every lesson from David. Seriously, these guys absolutely knew what to teach.

This class is boots-on-the-ground practical. I applied lessons that day, saw results that day. I can only build from here.

I started this class not knowing, and now I know how to record and produce audiobooks. It’s that simple.


Shelley Lynn Johnson

“This class was very different from any other class I’ve taken. EVERY other class has been a ‘Teaser’ – implying that what I need to get work is just over the horizon…if I take more classes. I had pretty much given up until I discovered this class.

You both really cared about us, and spent a LOT of time posting in the Mastermind Group and following up on questions we had.

This was ‘real world’ information. I got a real job before the class ended! I realize this isn’t the way the ACX world will always work. Nevertheless, I’ll get more expert as I do it, and if I get in real trouble I aways can go to our Mastermind Group for advice.”


Emil Gallina

“I’ve been knocking around the VO scene for years and, while one can say that every bit of education is worth something, this is the first class or coaching I’ve taken that actually resulted in money going into my pocket within a few weeks of completion.

April Sugarman-130

April Sugarman

“Amazing class! You promised a lot and not only did you deliver on your promises, but I feel like I got way more. This class was definitely worth every penny and will pay for itself many times over.

David, you created a manageable step-by-step process that simplified everything. The way you laid everything out in each module made it easy to understand – which was so nice as I’m the least technically-savvy person I know. You so freely shared with us all of the tips and tricks and secrets that you use. In fact, right out of the gate, I was able to record and edit my first audition as if I’d been doing this for years.

With the information I’ve learned in this class, I am starting my career in audio books like a pro. Your editing advice means I can record more audio books in less time. I can’t believe that I can do this with such little start-up expense. And I love the ACX Mastermind Group – what a great way for the class to continue being a great resource to each other. I feel so lucky to be a part of it.

Dan, thanks for educating us on marketing ourselves on ACX. You and David made a great team. It was clear both of you you did all of this from a place in your heart of really wanting to help us and wanting us to succeed. What more can one ask for in a class?”


Larry Wallison

“I’ve taken voice workshops in Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles. None comes close to the quality of David’s highly detailed VO instruction.

Dan’s insights into how talent should present themselves on ACX’s website were a big revelation.

From teaching the numerous technical requirements to VO technique, the ACX Master Class truly stands alone.

The weekly study guides and ‘how-to’ videos are the ultimate: Learning to record and edit while ‘looking over David’s shoulder’ is unique in my voiceover class experience. Unlimited access to all materials for ongoing study and reference is an enormous benefit as well.

I’m impressed there’s no past tense here; while class ends, it’s never finished. Dan, David and the Mastermind Group are an ongoing support resource for all of us.

Audiobook narration can be full- or part-time, but not casual. For professional audiobook narration instruction I recommend the ACX Master Class wholeheartedly, but only to those committed to serious – though informal – work; this requires effort (you’ll have homework!) to learn and maintain skills.

The ACX Master Class is a career investment I’m glad I made.”


Karen Merritt

“The ACX Master Class was above and beyond my expectations, and I already suspected it was going to be a high quality class! I have always wanted to record audiobooks, but have felt overwhelmed. You not only addressed the technicalities of equipment and vocal delivery, but also easy editing techniques and how to set up my business in as professional way as possible.

What made this class different was how comprehensive it was — covering all the bases of setting up a home business of audiobook recording. Also, I loved the flexibility of this class and that I can re-visit the class recordings anytime. I have all the tools I need to jump in. Thanks for giving me the push I need to jump into the ACX swimming pool.”


Anjelika Rijvers

“This was a wonderful class. It’s not until you put it into practice that you realize how invaluable it is.

I thought the price was somewhat hefty in the beginning and procrastinated for quite some time before registering. But going through all the videos and listening again to the class recordings as well as putting it all into practice, I realize it is certainly well worth it.

What made it stand out is how you didn’t waste any time getting to the point. Other online classes tend to waffle and aren’t so well structured as yours. You exceeded my expectations.

I took action straightaway as the course just made me want to start narrating audiobooks there and then. My natural instinct in narrating was already in a good place but the technical side regarding editing is invaluable.

I recommend the ACX Master Class to anyone who is seriously interested in pursuing audiobooks. Onwards and upwards!”


Steve Nellis

“The ACX Master Class goes deeper and is more practical than any other VO class I’ve taken. Everything worked: the course was well-designed, from the length of time (4 weeks), to the study guides for each week, the Q&A sessions, and the private Facebook Mastermind group.

I just now went back through the initial written overview of the course, and I see that every single thing you promised, you delivered. Not only that, you have given us bonus audios and videos, over and above what was promised.”


Tiffany Colonna

“I’ve been on ACX for about a year now, and I had been discouraged by the sheer amount of time it would take me to edit my audiobook productions.

I literally had joyful tears in my eyes when you introduced the stair-step method for recording…and I cannot tell you how excited I am to put this into practice!

I’m currently working on a really challenging project — loads of different characters, all with various British-English accents (including pirates!) — and I wish I could somehow go back to the beginning and start over with the stair-step method, because the editing process would just be so much more streamlined! From this point on, I will absolutely be using this process, each and every time.

I cannot adequately express my thanks for the strategies and techniques that you’ve shared. I am just so very thankful for everything you’ve given to us through this class. God bless you guys!”


Mike Davis

“This class went far and above any other training I have taken. The breadth and depth of the content was great. Dan’s work as the facilitator was the best. And David, your thoughtfulness, preparation, generosity and technique are as good as it gets. I’m prepared to take on the Audiobook world!”

dalia hs-130

Dalia Bach

“I have taken other VO related classes, many which involved not only the steep cost of the class, but also the added expense of air travel, meals and hotel stays. But, the bar has been raised!

Two of the biggest draws for me were:

1. learning how to reduce editing time by 75%
2. reducing ACX’s complex and lengthy requirements for audiobook narration and production to the essentials.

The ACX Audiobook Master Class exceeded my expectations of what a class could be. Dan and David crafted this class with a great deal of thought and passion. Well-produced study guides were sent out in advance of each module and served as excellent guides for all the information, which was presented in a clear, logical, and linear way.

The Q & A calls (two days after each new module) ended only when every question was answered! All sessions were recorded, and were (and still are) available to us for review as much as needed if we have additional questions.

The bulk of the content was presented by David. Dan contributed valuable insight as well, offering different perspectives to what David was teaching. But one of the things I was most admired about Dan was his keen intuition and sensitivity to students’ needs — his ability to ‘read between the lines’ of the questions they asked or problems they posed. My sense was that Dan and David both always had our backs.

I highly recommend the ACX Audiobook Master Class to anyone who is interested in advancing their work as an audiobook narrator and learning how to do more in less time.”


Bob Johnson

“I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone who has a mis-impression as to how the audiobook industry works. (I was in the that group, having heard about the enormity of time involved coupled with a very low return in terms of compensation.)

I was impressed with your initial offers but still wavered, not so much over the price, but that this was some sort of ‘fly-by-night’ internet scheme. However, after doing my due diligence, I was comforted by the fact that not only was Dan a leader and well respected member of the industry but that David Lawrence was just as accomplished in the field of audiobooks.

I was drawn to the class based on the curriculum modules on equipment, software, recording, editing and mastering that’s required to produce an audiobook. This by itself was worth the price.

I also appreciated the modules covering how ACX works, what it is and what we can get out of it. The idea of joining and building our profiles early on in the process was a great motivator. It allowed us to ‘get started’ right away and already become a part of the industry.

What I appreciated the most is that both Dan and David didn’t just think of us as students but peers in the industry…artists looking to expand their voice business in another area. By signing up with ACX and establishing our profiles, we were instantly a part of the industry. So it wasn’t just thinking about it, we were actually doing it. Through each week, our profiles expanded, our knowledge grew, and our confidence was heightened. By the end, some students already had offers to produce their first book!

I didn’t complete my profile until the week after the class ended. Much to my surprise and not 3 hours later, I had an offer by an author to narrate and produce their book! Prior to the course, there is no way this could have happened. Now, just a week after the course, I’m producing an audiobook! This was a business investment from which I’m already reaping the benefits, so it was worth every penny!”

Linda LongCrane-130

Linda Longcrane

“I had an opportunity to take a course in VO at a local college (given by a company out of New York). This led to a $3,000 two-day ‘master class’ soon after, and I left with commercial and narrative demos and a nice binder. I felt ‘out to sea without a raft’ afterward.

I also took a marketing class (something I am not good at) with another person out of Texas, and that was a less than stellar experience…but I was told I could spend more money and get more information(!). I had just about given up.

Then, I happened to look at the right thing at the right time. I watched each of the ACX Master Class videos (that Dan & David had released to announce the class) twice before I broached the subject with my husband. When he said he would support me, I couldn’t sign up fast enough!

Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into preparing and teaching this class. We were not only taught theory but guided with practical application as well. I love our mastermind group, our private website and the ‘how-to’ information you’ve posted there.”


Steve Gannett

“What enticed me to attend this class was learning how to edit. I had no idea how much more it would be. Dan O’Day and David Lawrence Xvii have taken me from wishing to reality!

It was my desire to narrate audiobooks in my retirement. Now that I’m a graduate of the class, I am currently working on Chapter 26 of a 75 Chapter book. I am self-directing, recording, editing, and mastering the project. This could NOT have been possible without the great instruction and ‘hand-holding’ by these two fine gentlemen.

For anyone who desires to narrate audiobooks: this class is a MUST!”


Catherine O’Brien

“My husband has been telling me for years that I should ‘do voiceover,’ and I finally agreed to look into it. I found some classes, and after about a month a coach suggested that I try out an audition piece from ACX just for practice. I did, and, to my surprise — and I must admit a bit to my horror — the publisher asked me to produce the book.

Great — but OOOOOOPS — I had no real idea how to do this. With a lot of help I managed to get the book done, and I can’t have been a total disaster because the same publisher has since asked me to produce another 15 books for them! It would have been so much easier had I completed your course beforehand.

Still, I really felt I should have had some proper technical training, and when I saw the ACX Master Class advertised I signed up straight away.

Until I took your module on non-fiction I had only produced fiction, and I submitted the five non-fiction auditions I recorded for the class homework — and have been asked to produce three of them!

A very sincere thank you for the help you have given me to advance my career. This really is the best job in the world!”


Jim Thomas

“David and Dan have made things SIMPLE and nearly foolproof. Kudos to both for finding, testing, applying all of these things — especially the way you organized our classes from the start to the finish; you’ve been wonderful mentors. I appreciate your working so hard to change our mindsets to have the technology get out of the way of the message.”


Lucinda Gainey

“The ACX Master Class was the best investment I could have made in my audiobook career. The four weeks are brim-full with ideas and techniques that are immediately useful to make the audiobook narrator more efficient, better prepared, and more attractive to authors.

Dan O’Day is someone in the industry that I trust implicitly. If he sponsors a class, program or video, I know it will be good.”

Matt Haynes Headshot-130

Matt Haynes

“I came to audiobook narration in a professional state of infancy. Similar to the way a healthy child needs scaffolding, direction, modeling and ongoing support, I was very ‘well raised’ through Dan and David’s instruction. They drew a very clear line through the labyrinth of audiobook narration, enabling me to approach this industry with success.”


Jan Kennedy

“The ACX Mastermind Class was fantastic. We learned a method of editing that is very easy and cuts down on the editing time tremendously. That alone was worth the price of admission!

I had perused the ACX website but felt there was something more that I needed. Dan and David’s ACX Master Class was just what I was looking for: an informative, thorough, well rounded program. I learned what I need to know to go out and get started on ACX.

I highly recommend the ACX Mastermind Class. Dan and David genuinely want to help each and every student succeed, and this program is just what you need to get you going on your journey.”


Norman Ellis Flint

“I was most impressed with the combination of straightforward truth laced with compassion when our insecurities came to the fore. Great stuff that leaves us with no excuse for failure.”

Maryann Carlson Headshot-130

MaryAnn Carlson

“Taking the ACX Master Class was a really good decision. Even with all my voice over and broadcast experience, there was still so much more I needed to learn. Now I’m producing audiobooks so much more efficiently, they sound better, and I’m having so much fun. I totally recommend this class. It’s the real thing. Worth every penny!”


Stan Pickett

“The near-deafening cacophony of pitches for voiceover classes makes the selection process a dart game, threatening to confuse even the most careful prospective pupil.

Often, purveyors of such classes can’t or won’t create coursework that is detailed, precise, extensive, and clear. So it was especially rewarding to be part of The ACX Master Class presented by Dan O’Day and David H. Lawrence, XVII, two well-established luminaries in the VO world.

How well does the ACX Master Class succeed? Very well indeed. The class sessions are presented in ‘teleseminar’ format, with participants dialing in by telephone to a conference call number for two planned hours – ‘planned,’ because D & D (as they came to be familiarly known) commonly continue the class session generously beyond that period, one of several indications of their care that attendees genuinely absorbed the class material.

That class session is followed two days later by a two-hour Q & A session – again commonly extended well beyond the planned period. Multi-page study guides for each week’s class preparation are detailed in focus, to buttress success in solitary study.

Homework assignments (ungraded but progressive) based on the week’s modules closely track the class focus and receive a boost from the mid-week Q & A sessions.

A particularly valuable element is the rich compendium of supporting material, which takes two forms. The first is a member’s support section on the class private website, containing three sections:

1. PDF files of all the study guides, assignments, and completion schedules
2. MP3 recordings of all the classes and Q & A sessions
3. Video recordings of procedures and processes key to mastering the use of the recommended audio recording software and establishing and using an ACX account to find and audition for available audiobook projects.

The second is a community forum in a private Facebook Group for the class members, which continues its life indefinitely beyond the term of the class offering, and which serves as a channel for additional Q & A, ‘tips and tricks,’ and success stories. The Group is actively used by the class members and closely monitored (and contributed to) by D&D.

So is the ACX Master Class ‘worth it?’ Results speak: a number of class members found book projects, submitted auditions, and secured narration deals even before the final sessions of the class.

Lynn Norris Headshot-130

Lynn Norris

“So worth the money!

This class is going to make the difference between me dabbling in audio books that take me forever to produce and actually being a narrator/producer of audio books.

You broke it all down in such an easy-to-consume-and-immediately-apply-to-my-work way, that I was surprised at how simple it all has become for me.

I would tell anyone who is serious about wanting to do this as a career, full or part-time, to take this class. It’s an investment in themselves that will pay off.

Many thanks for a wealth of information and the encouragement and skill set to help me succeed!”

Adrianne Baughns-Wallace Headshot-130

Adrianne Baughns-Wallace

“I have always been interested in audio books but was hesitant to consider them due to perceptions that the work was labor intensive and not cost effective.

When I received information about the ACX Master Class, I was excited until I saw the price. I vacillated, wondering if there would be a return on the investment, and then took the leap of faith. You exceeded my expectations.

The course content was much more than I anticipated. As a result of your assignments, researching the site, reviewing in depth the various genres in fiction and nonfiction, and developing a profile that spoke to the author/Rights Holders’ needs, I received two book offers midway through our class.

My concerns about the production/editing process were resolved once I saw how David’s process cuts the time dramatically.

You provided an incredible amount of helpful resources and blew away the barriers I had in my mind to being successful in this work.

I have not had a course that’s anything like this, and highly recommend the ACX Master Class to anyone who is serious about doing audiobooks. What a treasure this experience has been!”

Richard Wilson Headshot-130

Richard Wilson

Dan & David delivered exactly what they had promised. (This is sadly a rare occurrence in these days of overhype.)

I actually had my first book offer before we finished the course. What is even more impressive was that I wasn’t unusual. There were a number of us who were getting offers during the course.

What’s even more important is that I now know how to produce finished work faster and with less effort than ever before.

I’m pretty certain that if I hadn’t done this course and still tried producing audiobooks on ACX, it would have been a long, painful process that would have ended in failure. Instead, I am getting offers and producing work with relative ease.

My advice to anyone who is considering taking this course:

1. Trust the process. In this class you learn the fastest, easiest, least expensive way to being a productive audiobook narrator.
2. The investment in time and money will pay itself back many times over. This is truly a class taught by masters.”

Katherine Thompson Headshot-130

Katherine Thompson

“I can’t recommend this class highly enough! The ACX Master Class is unlike any other voiceover class I have ever taken, with both technical and ‘down to earth’ advice/coaching on the audiobook business. I had always been afraid to audition for audiobooks because I felt the editing time was way too overwhelming, and this course made it so manageable.”

Don Moffit Headshot-130

Don Moffit

“The ACX MasterClass is at the top of the best VO classes I have ever taken.

I will refer to the lectures and Q&As again and again. (I have broken the class mp3’s into individual modules and made audiobooks out of them on my personal iTunes, so now I can refer to any particular module or question instantly.)

I have never spent so much on a single VO course, and I received a very high return on investment. (The Audacity editing technique is the Master Key to unlocking the potential of audiobook production for me. I would not do this business if it had to be a 5-to-1, or 10-to-1 Per Finished Hour ratio.)

Would I recommend the class? Lemme think… yep. 🙂

Oh yes, and I now think I can make some money with this.”

Dara Kramer Headshot-130

Dara Kramer

“After posting my fourth audition, I was offered a book within three hours. The confidence and skills I have gained are immeasurable and I am so grateful to be able to add audiobook narrating and producing to my tool belt as a performer.”

Tanya Parker Mills Headshot-130

Tanya Parker Mills

“Well before the ACX Master Class had ended, I’d gotten more than my money’s worth. After all, what I learned after just three weeks helped me to give a presentation about audiobooks at a writer’s conference and gain two new clients (in addition to another who found me on ACX, thanks to the profile and samples I’d learned how to post).

When you think about it, you can recoup practically the entire cost of the class with only one project, if it pays per finished hour. And I certainly intend on completing many more projects than one!

Not only did this class provide the technical know-how in terms of recording, editing, and mastering, but it delved into the narration process, the selection process (choosing the best projects), the uploading process of finished audio files to ACX, and the business side of things.

Another huge plus was the private Mastermind group to which all class members were invited. This gave us a sense of togetherness, team spirit, and camaraderie that I haven’t felt before in any class, let alone one as large as this one was.

This class equips you to start producing audiobooks almost immediately. As David always says, ‘Be biased toward action!’ This class certainly instills the self-confidence you need to bring that attitude to life.

Thanks again for making such a huge difference in my life, both of you!”

Chris Abell Headshot-130

Chris Abell

“Your ACX Master Class is really unlike any other voiceover class I have taken. In my experience, most classes/workshops leave out the ‘how to do the business’ part, which can take years to figure out (if ever!). Your class dealt with those nuts and bolts, and that is really why I signed up. I was NOT disappointed!

The price of admission was worth every penny. The class was super organized and I left each Monday class without feeling like anything was left out.

Many years ago I had dabbled a little in the audiobook genre, but it seemed so labor intensive, and not very lucrative. Your introduction to the ACX marketplace and your training in performance and editing definitely changed my opinion. I feel that I can comfortably dedicate a portion of my voiceover career to this and I am confident that it will help me to broaden and diversify my business. Thanks a million!”

Matilda Novak Headshot-130

Matilda Novak

“I took this class in order to learn the editing technique David developed. As an experienced voice actor/narrator, I look forward to increasing my narration opportunities by being able to produce books on ACX. I’ll have direct access to Rights Holders, and they’ll have direct access to me.

David and Dan covered a lot of territory in 4 weeks. Thankfully, that information remains available to us all for review. Another thing for which I am especially grateful is the Mastermind Group, in which class members help and encourage one another. This has already proven invaluable!”

Don Colasurd, Jr. Headshot-130

Don Colasurd, Jr.

“Dan and David did a phenomenal job instructing this class. They know their stuff and are willing to help you all the way through and beyond.

The class went step by step on how to get you where you need to be for doing audiobooks on ACX. Dan O’Day and David H. Lawrence XVII are awesome.”

Maria Giere Marquis Headshot-130

Maria Giere Marquis

“The best thing about this class is its practicality. There is almost no theory, only usable skills and plenty of encouragement to practice and take risks. Both Dan and David bring a spirit of ‘a bias for action’ and owning your career, which I found equally inspiring. If you’re ready to work, take this class.”

Jim Gilles Headshot-130

Jim Gilles

“Last year, I passed on the ACX Master Class, thinking I already have the voice(s), the production skills, decades of experience, and the ability to create a profile on ACX; what could they possibly teach me that I didn’t already know?

After I spent a year trying to break through with an audition, David and Dan were back with numerous examples of the success of the first class.

Bottom line: I discovered I had all the parts to the vehicle, but in pieces strewn all over the floor of my ‘garage’ and no simple directions on how to put everything together.

The ACX Master Class class puts it all together, walking you through each element, to help you put your Producer/Narrator vehicle together in a way that saves $$$ by avoiding unnecessary equipment purchases and steering clear of potholes. And when it comes to editing, I’ll just say this: We learned a time saving approach that is as valuable as anything I’ve been taught in my last 34 years as a radio creative director.”

Dana Lyn Baron Headshot-130

Dana Lyn Baron

“This was not like any other voice over class I’ve ever taken. The depth of the technical instruction was far richer than I’d ever had. And receiving instruction on how to conduct the business of our career (i.e., dealing with clients, contracts, etc.) is something I don’t think I’ve ever really had in any ‘regular’ VO class.

I feel 100% equipped to create & build the audiobook career I want to have. I’m clearer on the genres I will explore & audition for. I’m already using the techniques for production for my other VO auditions, too!”

Christine Fonsale Rogerson Headshot-130

Christine Fonsale Rogerson

“When I took this class, I had some experience with in-studio narration for the Library of Congress. So when I saw the ACX Master Class last year, I was tempted, but decided to try to do this on my own.

As the months passed and I was pulled in too many directions to truly focus on resolving the impasses I encountered (What’s a good profile? Can I be both sound engineer and narrator? Whose information is reliable regarding equipment?), I came to this freeing conclusion:

‘2 seasoned professionals, who are committed to my success, are ready to take me by the hand and guide me through the whole process. And then, they will answer a plethora of questions I don’t even know I will have!’

T. David Rutherford Headshot-130

T. David Rutherford

“I am excited about the opportunity to grow my audiobook business with the absolute ‘Gold’ that I’ve received from the ACX Master Class with Dan O’Day and David H. Lawrence XVII. Their instruction and mentoring will save me literally years of time in maximizing my income and organizing my business.

The direction in editing, mastering techniques, marketing and managing customer relationships are worth the cost of the class and then some.

David shares his years of integrating technology with storytelling and lays out easy to understand steps to produce audiobooks. David and Dan have developed an easy to understand process to succeed in the ACX marketplace.

This class was an investment in my own success. I cannot wait for the future!”

Elise Rooker Headshot-130

Elise Rooker

“Dan and David:

Thank you for your efforts in creating and maintaining this course. Mostly I’d like to thank you for being great people. I am an actor and what most people won’t tell you when you begin this career is that it’s not always about talent. It’s about being good to work with. Well, you guys are talented and you are great to work with.

You give us the tools to make our own demos — not pay for someone else to do them. Basically, you guys are the ‘if you teach a man to fish’ guys. This class provides step by step instruction on how to be successful. No one else in this business ever does that.

I thought I was just taking a class in audiobook narration. I wasn’t. This course and the two of you have taught me to believe in myself and my work even more than I already do. I am grateful to have been taught by two individuals who strive to teach attention to detail (I have overhauled my entire marketing approach i.e. website etc. I have also adapted the way I manage my clients i.e. casting directors, manager, agents etc.). I have become a more adaptable, organized, dedicated actor… who happened to learn how to narrate audiobooks!”

David Young Headshot-130

David Young

“These guys were amazing! A tremendous advantage to anyone attempting to break through into the narration business. Simple yet elegant advice and expert tips. The best part is that they are welcoming, patient, clear and let you participate in a community of peers — essential to succeed!”

Suzanne Musikantow Headshot-130

Suzanne Musikantow

“There are quite a number of really great things about the ACX Master Class:

  • Thorough, well-organized curriculum
  • Clear, concise and straightforward delivery of the material
  • Practical, useful information
  • Extremely helpful how-to videos and other materials (this was beyond expectations)
  • An incredibly encouraging tone throughout
  • Lots of hand-holding and remarkable patience on David’s part
  • Our own Mastermind Group for sharing everything
  • David’s and Dan’s openness, graciousness, and generosity. It was like a huge safety net.

I’ve had a lot of training in voice over work. Compared to other classes I’ve taken, this one was the most useful in terms of equipping us to actually start working in this arena almost immediately. And giving us a method to shave hours off the editing process? Priceless! I have never taken a class like this before!

I don’t have a single negative thing to say about the class. On so many levels, this was hands down the most rewarding voice over class I’ve ever taken. Kudos to Dan and David for offering such a great opportunity. Worth the price? Absolutely, undeniably YES!!! I would highly recommend the class if it’s offered again.”

Fred Humberstone Headshot-130

Fred Humberstone

“Wow, what an experience! All of my expectations have not only been met but exceeded.

I share the comments and opinions of all of my fellow classmates and truly believe that for one month I was part of something very special.

Anyone who is giving serious thought to becoming an audiobook narrator absolutely must take the ACX Master Class if they intend to become successful at the endeavor and produce a professional quality product. And you can quote me on that.”

Lori J. Moran Headshot-130

Lori J. Moran

“This was a fantastic learning experience. I wish I had taken this class a year ago. They taught in four weeks what took me a year of trial and error to figure out on my own. I am so grateful for their support during the class and the continued support of not only them, but the rest of the students that also took the class. Go ACX Mastermind!”

Amanda Serra Headshot-130

Amanda Serra

“I knew I wanted to narrate books, but was stymied by the technical and business side of the process. By the end of the class, I knew how to set up an effective profile on ACX, post demos, audition for and interact with Rights Holders, and be paid for narration! Addressing the microphone for the best sound and editing using Audacity seem like child’s play now!

The class was well worth the price of admission and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to voice audiobooks for profit.”

Colman Shew Headshot-130

Colman Shew

“I wish I had taken this course the first time it was offered. I had the money. But I had read a book about the VO industry and, guess what, this type of audiobook creation wasn’t well touted.

This course is worth the money. In fact, I didn’t find it expensive. Why? Because there is more to it than just the surface information. The editing alone is worth it! I’ve briefly used ProTools. It might be fine for short VO commercials, other short work and mixing but definitely not for audiobooks as ACX wants them. If anyone, professional or novice, is considering a vocation in audiobooks, I highly recommend this course!”

Emma Clark Headshot-130

Emma Clark

“The unique relationship between David and Dan seemed to open me up to learning and retaining the wealth of information we were fed much more effectively than I have experienced in any other class or seminar environment.

The thoughtful layout of the step by step process fit me perfectly. The technical gems, from the stair-step editing process to how to organize files on your computer to simple tried and true ways of self-direction and managing rights-holders, provided a complete and empowering package of wisdom and information that made this class well worth the time and money spent.

The D’s (as they were affectionately named in our Mastermind Group) provided solid leadership for the class at every moment. Their consistency fostered an immediate bond of trust, which they routinely reinforced as they responded with sensible, gracious perceptiveness to detractors (from outside of the class) of this simple, straightforward approach to audiobook production. I truly appreciated this demonstration of calm confidence.

Going into this class, I thought I knew my strengths and weaknesses, but the exercises dramatically expanded my perception of where I thought my wheelhouse was. I found myself with many more options for possible genres than I had at first!

So in a nutshell — this ACX Master Class experience has brought life and truth that by its very nature will continue to expand and improve the world of audiobook narration and the lives of those who are connected to it. In our last class, the final words of our exceptional leaders were: Be organized. Be persistent. Be authentic. Thanks, David and Dan, for leading by example!”

Gene Henes Headshot-130

Gene Henes

“For a number of years, it’s been a desire of mine to narrate books. Finding the time to do the research and then the trial & error process would have always kept it on the back-burner of my life.

The process has now moved from that back-burner to front & center. I’m in the midst of submitting chapters on my first audiobook. It would not have happened without the Master Class.

It was all fantastic hands-on information that was presented in a well thought out process. They made it easy to grasp & put to use.

If someone is sitting on the fence about taking the class, my recommendation is, ‘Jump in head first. The water’s fine!’ You will not regret it if your goal is to get work narrating books!”

Jennie Sherwood Headshot-130

Jennie Sherwood

“This might be a little weird but I want to thank you first and foremost for your discipline in keeping your own rules. That goes from your moderation of the Q&A times, keeping to the syllabus and working through the material in a very digestible manner. The material — both the weekly outlines and the additional tutorials — systematically clarified the processes you encouraged us to use.

After working through the materials and receiving your encouragement, I know that I can do this.”

Jim Smith Headshot-130

Jim Smith

“The ACX Master Class was superb!

* The knowledge I gained and the resources that have been made available to me as a result of taking this class were, and will continue to be, incredibly valuable.

* David H. Lawrence is an OUTSTANDING teacher! He knows what he is talking about, and he has a wonderful manner of sharing that knowledge — a manner that gives you everything you need to know to be a successful audiobook narrator, formatted in simple, easy-to-follow steps to put you on a path to success.

* As a personal ‘success story’ testimonial, I will share this: After the 3rd week of the class, I submitted my very first audition to ACX …and I got the gig! The Rights Holder selected me to narrate this wonderful book, and I’ll say without hesitation that David is directly responsible for giving me the knowledge to land my first deal.

* David and Dan have created a class format that maximizes a person’s ability to learn — with a well-defined class structure. The Study Guides are outstanding, and the ‘resources’ that David and Dan make available to class members are AMAZINGLY VALUABLE (consisting of documents and videos that reinforce what is taught in class, giving you a treasure trove of information which is always available to you)!

Bottom line: The ACX Master Class was one of the best classes I have ever taken, and I cannot recommend it highly enough! If you want to break into the world of audiobook narration, TAKE THIS CLASS!”

Vikki Young Headshot-130

Vikki Young

“Hands down the best class I’ve ever taken, and one of the best investments I’ve ever made. David H. Lawrence XVII and Dan O’Day are tops in their field, and their ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and with a sense of humor makes for a great learning experience. David and Dan truly WANT you to succeed.

Bottom line: you will learn everything you need to know to record and produce audio books. Really. No need to go elsewhere for additional information. It’s all here. Thank you David and Dan for breaking it all down so even this non-technical rookie can edit and produce an audio book!”

Sean Stewart Headshot-130

Sean Stewart

“As an avid consumer of audiobooks and a corporate voiceover producer, I had developed a strong interest in becoming an audiobook narrator/producer. Yet I had no idea how to get started. Then I became aware of the ACX Master Class, taught by David H. Lawrence XVII and Dan O’Day…and within just over a month from the start of the class, I was a happy signatory to a contract to produce two (!) volumes of an audiobook!

The ACX Master Class is an artful combination of lectures & dialogue with students. While it isn’t inexpensive, the value I’ve derived has far surpassed the price of entry.

The class provides a wealth of pragmatic and instantaneously applicable information. There is an emphasis on minimizing initial expenditures on equipment and software, equipping students with the ability to maximize both efficiency AND quality.

If you have the desire & drive to succeed in audiobook production, I encourage you to give serious consideration to participating in a future offering of the ACX Master Class. I heartily and freely endorse David & Dan for their expertise, positive attitudes, and sincere commitment to forwarding this industry, which continues to grow by leaps and bounds!”

Tracy Tenney Headshot-130

Tracy Tenney

“Thank you so very much for putting on your ACX Master Class. I am happy to say the class was most definitely worth the price of admission!

Between the study guides, videos, PDFs, Facebook Mastermind Group, Q&A sessions, and the verbal lecture on Monday, there was something to take advantage of anyone’s preferred method of learning. I really haven’t seen that anywhere before as I’ve gone about learning the VO business. This class is a great value.

Having access to the Mastermind Group, in particular, means that an answer to any audiobook question is just a Facebook post away.

I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend the ACX Master Class to anyone interested in narrating audiobooks.”

R. Keith Miles Headshot-130

R. Keith Miles

“About two months ago I received an email from Harlan Hogan, because I am on his list, that it would be worthwhile to look into the ACX Master Class that was about to be offered. So, I decided to take a look, with skepticism, because I was really not interested in the rigors of audiobooks.

The presentation about producing audiobooks, by Dan, was an eye opener and I decided, based upon what I heard, to give it a try. And I am extremely glad that I did. From the beginning of the first Master Class I was hooked.

As I write this (one week after the end of the class), I have my first book under contract. The ACX Master Class material made it so easy to follow through on everything ACX requested. The Master Class is a practical, real-world process that works extremely well.

In a couple of years I am looking at retiring from my present vocation, and I now know what I will be doing. I would highly recommend the ACX Master Class to anyone who is serious about being a producer/narrator of audiobooks.”

Lisa Beacom Headshot-130

Lisa Beacom

“I had spent about 6 months trying to figure all of this stuff out on my own. This class gave me the confidence to move forward and taught me everything I needed to know to do that. I received my first audiobook offer in the 4th week of the class, a day after submitting an audition and about an hour before the final Q & A call; which was a blessing because I got to ask a lot of questions specific to my first project! I’m doing it! I’m officially an audiobook narrator!

But wait, there’s more. The class also gave me a whole network of fellow audiobook narrators at all skill levels to bounce things off of and to celebrate successes with. A truly supportive and nurturing community — what’s even better is that both of you participate actively in that community as well.

Would I recommend this class to someone looking into becoming an audiobook narrator? Or to someone who is already an audiobook narrator wanting to learn an easier, simpler way? HELL YES!! Take this class! It’s money well spent. And as I posted in the Mastermind Group upon getting my first gig, “This _____ really works!!”

Jeff Steitzer Headshot-130

Jeff Steitzer

“From the first class I knew I was on to something very, very special. David’s instructions about how to create a profile, accept work, record, edit, master and submit work were unbelievably easy to follow. I now have all the tools (and the amazingly affordable equipment) to become my own boss and create audiobooks.

And that was the reason I decided to go for it; I wanted to be in a position to do work I love with only the Rights Holder and myself to answer to. And — no question — I have Dan and David to thank for this incredible opportunity. This was, hands down, the best class I have EVER taken.”

Shana Buck Headshot-130

Shana Buck

“I had researched narrating audio books about a year prior to taking the ACX Master Class. I invested in the recording equipment that ACX recommended at that time, and I tried for months to manage the software, but could not work out how to edit without feeling frustrated and exhausted.

I knew it was time to invest in something else: myself. This was a new career that I really wanted to pursue, but I did not know how to satisfy ACX’s stringent editing and production process.

By the time I got Dan’s email about the ACX Master Class, I had given up hope that I was going to be able to use the expensive equipment that I had invested in to do the work I was very eager to begin.

I was hesitant about spending what my long-suffering husband would call ‘that kind of money.’ I listened to the testimonials and considered some of the other products I had purchased from Dan over the years. I was always very happy with the various books and audio that I had purchased from Dan and figured I would take the risk based on that trust.

I am so happy that I took that risk. The classes were worth every penny. It did not take my husband long to understand that I was definitely getting my money’s worth. I would show him my curriculum for each week, my homework and tell him after class all that I learned. He was also impressed that this was not just about the editing and producing, but also how to manage the business; communicate professionally with the clients; improve vocal and editing performance; and that we were provided videos that could be referred to as many times as was needed in order to accomplish the best recording possible.

When I submit an audition, I know I have done the best work I can do and that the quality of the work I am doing is vastly superior to what I had managed ‘on my own.’

Production is no longer the hours-long nightmare it had been, and the idea of narrating and producing an entire book no longer makes me want to cry. I now have the skills to accomplish this long-time goal.”

Tommy G. Kendrick Headshot-130

Tommy G. Kendrick

“Before I enrolled in the class, I had had an ACX account for well over a year. But like so many who have registered on the ACX site, I did nothing with it.

I even turned down a job on ACX because the offer spooked me. The problem was I had no idea how to produce the work. Just looking at the submission process when you complete the audio work is intimidating.

I was aware of the ACX Master Class last year. There were two big reasons why I chose to sit out that first class. One was the cost. Since I don’t have an unlimited amount of cash sitting around, the price scared me off.

The second was: I didn’t have a ‘reason to believe’ that the class would deliver on its promises. Most actors’ journeys are littered with teachers, agents, managers who have over promised and under delivered. Would this be different?

A year later I once again began receiving information about the ACX Master Class. This time, there was a ton of what marketers call ‘Social Proof.’

One of the first bits of social proof I saw was a YouTube video recorded by several ACX Master Class graduates who got together on a Google Hangout to ‘review’ their experiences in the class. The discussion was enthusiastically positive and had the ring of truth. Either these folks were liars and some of the best actors I’ve ever seen, or they were telling the truth about how much they had each benefited from the class.

Another big concern was EDITING. On the street, one will hear that for each finished hour of audio, a narrator will likely spend 6-10 hours recording, editing and doing quality control to fix mistakes.

One of the big promises made by the ACX Master Class team is that they would teach us a way to edit audio that would DRAMATICALLY reduce the time required…i.e., reduce it from a 10:1 ratio to something closer to 5:1 or even 3:1. REALLY? That’s a bold claim.

The ‘union question’ was extremely important to me. It was comforting to learn that David H. Lawrence XVII, the primary narration teacher in the course, is a strong SAG-AFTRA member and advocate. I was to learn that in fact ALL jobs on ACX ARE available to SAG-AFTRA members, regardless of the pay rate. Awesome!

It was at the end of the very first teleclass that I knew I had made a wise choice in joining. That first class was so packed with information and training that it really felt like a month’s worth of work in one evening.

By the end of the second week, students were already reporting that they were auditioning for and being offered narration gigs. By the third week there seemed to be a deluge of such reports. The training, though not even complete, was already working like gangbusters.

Oh…and the EDITING. One word: AMAZING. The editing process alone was worth the cost of the class. It really is that powerful a tool.

In over 35 years as an actor this is one of the very best investments I’ve ever made in my career. Hands down.

Thanks to Dan & David for such an outstanding class. In an industry that is packed with people whose only goal is to separate actors from their hard earned money, it is refreshing to encounter two men who really care about teaching in the highest sense of the word.”

Beth McIntosh Headshot-130

Beth McIntosh

“This class is definitely worth the price, even if you already have a profile up on ACX. David’s system helped cut my recording/editing time in half! The system is simple and makes editing and pickups a breeze.

Also the information on ACX profiles and Amazon’s rating system have been invaluable. It allows me to focus in on what to audition for without getting overwhelmed by all the offerings.

David and Dan take a personal interest in the progress of their students. They know the investment their students are making and are committed to the success of each student. I highly recommend this class. Yes, it’s a chunk of money but well worth the investment!”

Bob Shaw Headshot-130

Bob Shaw

“I’ve always wanted to narrate audiobooks, but I hadn’t the slightest clue how to start. Then I found out about ACX.

I’ve been in radio for almost twenty years, so I thought I had a good working knowledge of production. I was NOT prepared for what I found on the ACX website. Never before had I seen such strict production rules and regulations. It was like reading a foreign language. I didn’t know what half that stuff meant.

It was overwhelming. I was just about to give it up, when I received an email about the ACX Master Class.

My desire to record audiobooks was still very strong, so I thought I’d give this class a shot. I can easily say that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. By the end of the class, I was well-equipped to conquer ACX Mountain.

From the ins and outs of ACX, to how to actually make money recording audiobooks, to choosing the right equipment and software, to mic technique, to easily editing your audio, the ACX Master Class taught me everything I needed to know to be a successful audiobook narrator.

Not only do Dan and David teach their weekly sessions, but they follow it up with a Q&A session and they post very helpful video and audio on the website, along with entire class recordings so you don’t miss anything.

P.S. David’s ‘editing made easy’ technique alone is worth the price of admission!”

Marsha Waterbury Headshot-130

Marsha Waterbury

“This was the most amazing class. Thank you David, Dan and all my compadres.

The teaching is so deep and wide. You took the mystery out of it and without the mystery of ‘I don’t know,’ there goes the fear and trepidation!! You have de-mystified the process…and made it do-able.

Your enthusiasm, humor, incredible knowledge and sharing of information is a complete blessing. I took, what was for me, a very large financial leap and landed smack dab in an astounding pool of information, empowerment and enthusiasm. It has been and will continue to be a source of inspiration and action for me. It is priceless. Thank you Dan. Thank you David. Thank you classmates….so glad to be in the pool with you!”

Jim Platt Headshot-130

Jim Platt

“I must admit after attending some ‘other’ voice over classes, my skepticism of what real-life information I would be able to take away from your class and use regularly, initially took over.

You know, that ‘been there, done that, blah, blah, blah success is yours just around the corner’ spiel made my mouse hover for a while over your ‘accept me as a student’ button before I closed my eyes and said ‘take my money.’

It is heartwarming to have one’s skepticisms swept away when someone actually does what they say their advertising says they will do and then goes way beyond those expectations!

The time spent with you guys was well worth it and the ah-hah light bulb moments flashing in my brain each class session said ‘Wow, this could really work for ME!’

Thanks for using your professional time and considerable talents to help others make their indelible mark in the audible book narrator ledger.”

Kalisha Fleischmann Headshot-130

Kalisha Fleischmann

“Totally worth it! David & Dan are first rate. From the get-go, everything they did was professional, complete, well thought out, and organized. I spoke with Dan personally about my situation and goals for the class, and I was not disappointed! David is a technical genius and really knows his trade well! Not only that, but he has found ways to operate that are free and low cost!

David & Dan were willing to take any and all questions on the Q&A nights, no matter how long the session went; they were/are committed and accessible, both in those sessions as well as in the private FB group page — a wonderful community of people!

Lots of fabulous step-by-step videos and materials were provided to ‘hand hold’ and provide us with everything we need to be successful as VO artists recording audiobooks for ACX.

The class was unique, absolutely ‘real world’ implementable, and I feel well prepared to really excel at ACX and the whole audiobook process from auditions to relationships with Rights Holders to mastering…the whole enchilada!

I feel very fortunate to have found out about this class because it will absolutely give me a leg up over those who haven’t taken it and don’t know the in’s/out’s of the process. It’s already saving me time, energy and money!”

David J. Bell Headshot-130

David J. Bell

“I was intrigued by the idea of a faster way to produce audio. Working in radio, I figured if I learned something new there, it may translate over and assist in my normal job. Plus I have always been interested in the audio book process.

By the way, I had used Audacity in the past, to convert some files, for a network tone to fire. So my original thoughts on that program were simplistic and I had no idea the depth it really had. Before this class, telling me to narrate with Audacity, to me would have been equivalent to suggesting building the Empire State Building using play school toys. So, I much appreciate the knowledge and when I have questions, your videos are there to walk me step by step through things again.

Once I finally had everything set up, I experimented and tried two auditions before the final class. When I woke the next morning, I had won one of them!”

Johnnie Anderson Headshot-130

Johnnie Anderson

“The ACX Master Class is phenomenal! Why? It surpassed my expectations. The description provided is what it is and more.

This was the most comprehensive class I have ever taken: performance, technical applications, a multitude of resources – a dedicated Facebook page; mp4s; mp3s; software and hardware considerations; screen shots galore; sage advice!

David and Dan are passionate about the subject matter and, without a doubt, seriously interested in the success of each student. Their timely responsiveness as classmates expressed challenges during and even after the class was refreshing and so appreciated. The amount of work the two of them put into our ‘getting it’ was most definitely worth the price of the class.

The keenly-focused structure of the class with its step-by-step, hands-on approach for ACX and recording audiobooks in general made for one being more open to recording genres of work never considered, immediately diving into submitting auditions and negotiating rates with confidence.

It was a great feeling learning that David and Dan wouldn’t cut the umbilical cord when the class was over. They actually created a ‘community’ of former and current ACX class members. We have online access to communicate with each other – helping to resolve issues, encouraging, supporting and commiserating – with David and Dan frequently chiming in.

If you have the true desire to become an audiobook narrator/producer and find yourself to be a bit timid or confused as to how to approach it, I strongly recommend the ACX Master Class. There is no guess work…just a world of help and knowledge to get you there.”

Randy Berner Headshot-130

Randy Berner

“I had trepidation but bit the bullet. Fortunately my wife is a generous and supportive person.

Other classes I’ve taken were useful but didn’t address that which I really wanted…nuts and bolts of getting VO work…other than…‘Well, all you do is make a lot of calls.’ (Of course, if I wanted to know the REAL secrets of marketing for VO I could enroll in their 3 day bootcamp in NYC. Yeah, well…) This class is chock full of the real nuts and bolts of doing this work.

Nothing about this class was canned. The material was presented well and presented along a normal path of development. The Q & A sessions allowed all of us to address our own concerns.

I have recently become frustrated with the short term VO work that I’ve been chasing…frankly, getting nowhere. Narrating audio books, as it was presented in class, is a much more collaborative endeavor. I like that aspect.”

Anne Jacques Headshot-130

Anne Jacques

“The ACX Master Class is one of the most valuable investments I’ve made in my acting career. Never have I seen a course as comprehensive, detailed, or supportive as this.

I can whole-heartedly recommend Dan and David’s course to anyone who is serious about being an audiobook pro.

Prior to this class I had narrated audiobooks, but figured I would never be able produce — understanding the requirements of ACX seemed impossible, intimidating, and frustrating. Other classes I’ve attended dealt with single aspects of audiobooks – and most made even narrating sound as unattainable as learning the technical side! David’s methods for narrating, editing, and mastering are easily learned – and frankly even fun.

The best thing about the ACX Master Class? Everything! An astonishing amount of information is presented each week – and then the videos, audio, and PDF’s kept coming, and coming. This is not just 4-week class, but a comprehensive plan addressing the artistic, technical, and business skills needed to thrive – and even a bit of the psychological mindset we actors can utilize to succeed.

And the support! Dan and David have set up a phenomenal, enthusiastic network for ongoing support which includes not only the two of them, but graduates who are out there, working and helping each other.

One week after the end of class and I had produced my first book. Yes it required focus and hard work – but I DID it – and look forward to growing my skills with every step along this path.”

Kathy Halenda Headshot-130

Kathy Halenda

“Even though I have been producing voice overs for ten years, I had never taken a voice over class before…I learned the basics from recording engineers and on my own. I was a very nervous about spending money for an online class because you never know what you’ll get. But I can honestly say this class is worth every penny.

Dan and David were so nurturing and supportive, and we all took care of each other through the Master Mind discussion page on Facebook…and it’s still available to us.

They kept every promise they made to us… I got three offers from ACX in my second week of class! I learned some truly incredible things about how to narrate audiobooks and David’s editing method has helped me in my other voice work as well. I have already used it for other applications and am getting better each time I do…the new editing techniques I learned are worth the price alone. But they don’t stop there…I also learned everything about narrating audiobooks and the ACX process, with Dan and David holding our hands the whole way.

So, if you are thinking about narrating audiobooks, or just wondering how to make better money with the voice overs you’re already doing, this is absolutely the class you must take.

So just make the leap…with some commitment on your part, you will land on your feet!”

Franci Nakamura Headshot-130

Franci Nakamura

“This class and its instructors, David & Dan, truly exceeded my expectations. One thing that really stood out was the passionate commitment to effectively equip their students to succeed in the area of narrating audiobooks through the ACX platform.

Every aspect is covered and each week is packed with information — from the technical aspects of editing & mastering to putting together an appealing ACX profile to working with Rights Holders to offering ongoing community support through the Mastermind Facebook group and so on.

I am extremely grateful for their encouragement & expertise. Because of this course, I can do what I didn’t think I could do before: narrate & produce audiobooks with confidence! Thank you so much, Dan & David!”

Linda Bruno Headshot-130

Linda Bruno

“I really enjoyed the class because it was extremely thorough in regards to navigating the ACX world. On first glance of the website, you’d never really know just how involved you must get to record audiobooks; this class covered just about every situation a talent may come across. The class was very ‘Real World’ applicable. You guys know your stuff!”

Jim Cassidy Headshot-130

Jim Cassidy

“Last year I saw details about the masterclass..but lived in the UK and at that time there was no access for Brits in ACX.

But this year, things changed and arrangements are now in place to encourage British based narrators.

Although having worked as a BBC trained radio journalist for 25 years, I still hesitated before deciding to enroll.

One of the main reasons for pressing the yes button was that I had met Dan when he visited the UK a few years ago. I knew the course would be excellent and straight to the point.

Then the bombshell, a Rights Holder had heard my voice somewhere and sent me an email asked if I would like to narrate two sports books he was about to put on ACX and I said…of course!

Next email to arrive was one from the Masterclass about how the course would work over the coming four weeks.

Although I wasn’t able to join the live calls, I listened to the recordings, did the exercises, watched the videos and read everything.

Dan and Dave laid it all out in an easily understood way…no pressure on any student…we were all coming from different life experiences.

What amazed me was how it all came together over that four weeks.

One big bonus of the Masterclass has been the Facebook group where everyone has been so supportive of each other.

If you want to become an audiobook narrator, then you’ll be hard pushed to find two better teachers, hard pushed to take part in a Masterclass that, although it has a set structure, is open and adaptable for all levels of experience.

Just give it a go, you’ll be surprised by the range of books that are desperate to find the right narrator.”

Greg Nelson Headshot-130

Greg Nelson

“Dan and Dave present everything in a clear, down to earth style. In fact, they teach short cuts and ideas you would have to dig through the ACX site to find (if you could find them there at all…) and then try to figure out just how to apply them.

In the Master Class, it’s done! Dan and Dave have done all the heavy lifting and the information they present not only applies to audiobook narration, some of it also works for voiceover production.

I definitely recommend the ACX Master Class for anyone wanting to get into or build on their audiobook career.”

Kay Dees Headshot-130

Kay Dees

“When I began my voice over training, this is the niche I was hoping to pursue. I started to create a profile on ACX, but quickly realized that audiobook narration was very different from other forms of VO. I wasn’t sure how to correctly fill out the profile section, and how to edit was a mystery to me.

The ACX website videos showed them using ProTools and punch ’n roll editing. I just gave up, left my profile unfinished, and focused on submitting auditions to a pay to play website. I had a little success there, but was not happy with the lack of progress and steady work.

I had seen Dan and David’s ad for their ACX Masterclass the year before but had already spent so much money on training — I knew my husband would not be happy at that time if I registered. This year, when I saw the promotion for the class again, I knew that if I ever wanted to truly pursue audiobooks, I needed to take this class.

I was not disappointed. This course answered every question I had, and Dan and David were both very eager to help in any way both in the Q & A sessions and online in the Facebook Mastermind Group. I love that this class created a sense of community with the other students — something I’ve never experienced before in Voice Over training.

Without this class, I would never have even tried to move forward with producing audiobooks. I wholeheartedly recommend this ACX Master Class to anyone considering producing audiobooks!”

Jon Pitt Headshot-130

Jon Pitt

“All courses impart information. But when you’re trying to learn an entire skill set – knowing what to do isn’t enough. You need to be shown how to do it.

But even that isn’t enough.

In the end, you have to be able to do it.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s the acid test of any course. And ACX Masterclass passes this test with flying colors.

In the first place, David and Dan obviously designed the course with implementation in mind. There isn’t an ounce of fluff in the material. Everything they’ve chosen to teach is something I will use in my audiobook narration career.

Secondly, David is a gifted teacher who explains things clearly. Between the written material, the audio lessons, the Q&A sessions and the videos, I’ve been able to do what I was shown.

Thirdly, the Mastermind Group fills in any gaps. I’m impressed by how active both David and Dan have been there. Their support proves their commitment to my success.

So as the teaching ends and my implementation begins, I know I’ll be able to become a successful audiobook narrator for ACX. Since that’s what I came for, I could stop here. But there’s still one more thing to say…

Dan and David aren’t just businessmen peddling a course. They care. And it shows. They made this experience enjoyable and…well…human. I want to thank them both for a fantastic and profitable experience!”

Charles Olsen Headshot-130

Charles Olsen

“When I first learned about the ACX Master Class, I had already produced six books for ACX. So, I felt like I knew what I was doing. Still, the process of producing an audiobook was tedious. While I wanted to continue this work, I wasn’t sure if I could do it much longer.

What I learned in the Master Class was much simpler and faster than what I had been doing, and eliminated the tedium of producing an audiobook. I can now produce finished audio in about one-third the amount of time it used to take me. That alone would have made the class worthwhile.

But the course covers so much more than just audio production. I learned a lot about ACX, and how to rewrite my profile to attract more work — and how to avoid giving them reasons to say “No.” I also learned how to look for jobs that will be more lucrative for me.

This was not the first VO class I’ve taken, but it has by far been the most useful. Other classes have given me information that is helpful in some cases, other information that is applicable at certain times — the ACX Master Class dove right in to producing books for ACX. There was none of the ‘sometimes, maybe’ material that I’ve seen in other classes. Everything taught in the class was directly and immediately applicable for booking gigs, improving recording process and quality, and producing audiobooks for ACX.

And while the class is specifically aimed at ACX producers, what I learned here will be useful for any audiobooks I produce, for any company.

The price seemed daunting, and it was hard to imagine that they could provide that much value in a four-week class. But if you want to produce audiobooks, the class is absolutely worth the price.”

Allison Wood Headshot-130

Allison Wood

“This class went beyond my expectations. Not only were both Dan and David very thorough with their explanations, but the course materials were very detailed, kept me engaged, and are something I can refer back to for review.

There is obvious enthusiasm between the both of them for you, as their student and fellow VO Talent, to do well. They stay engaged throughout the class via a private Facebook Mastermind Group page that brings everyone together for discussion and enlightenment. I learned almost as much from the Mastermind Group as I did from the class. In fact, there was so much discussion about the materials and many different takes on things that it kept me completely engaged for the entire 4 weeks.

This class is absolutely worth the cost. If you applied even a fraction of the material that is given, you will do well on ACX. I enthusiastically recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning how to become an audiobook narrator and excel on ACX.”