ACX Master Class – Narrator – Maryem Tollar

maryem-tollar-300x300Maryem Tollar is a graduate of the ACX Master Class.

Maryem lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and her ACX narrator/producer profile is here. It includes projects she has narrated and produced via, all for sale at, via Amazon, and via iTunes, and all since graduation from the class.

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To-Be-or-to-BecomeTo Be or to Become | UNABRIDGED
By Gibson Presmy | Narrated By Maryem Tollar
Length: 1 hr and 47 mins | Release Date: 04-15-24

A-Mothers-PainA Mother’s Pain | UNABRIDGED
By A.R. Grosjean | Narrated By Maryem Tollar
Length: 4 hrs and 12 mins | Release Date: 03-26-24