ACX Master Class – Narrator – Linda Bruno

linda-bruno-300x300Linda Bruno is a graduate of the ACX Master Class.

Linda lives in Long Island, New York, and her ACX narrator/producer profile is here. It includes projects she has narrated and produced via, all for sale at, via Amazon, and via iTunes, prior to and since graduation from the class.

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Facing-Fortune-Guardians-of-Terath-Book-2Facing Fortune: Guardians of Terath, Book 2 | UNABRIDGED
By Zen DiPietro | Narrated By Linda Bruno
Length: 9 hrs and 20 mins | Release Date: 01-27-17

Government-Ruins-Nearly-EverythingGovernment Ruins Nearly Everything: Reclaiming Social Issues from Uncivil Servants | UNABRIDGED
By Laura Carno | Narrated By Linda Bruno
Length: 4 hrs and 29 mins | Release Date: 06-29-16

The-Other-RealmThe Other Realm | UNABRIDGED
By Britney FitzSimon | Narrated By Linda Bruno
Length: 4 hrs and 16 mins | Release Date: 06-07-16

Swans-and-PistolsSwans and Pistols: Modeling, Motherhood, and Making It in the Me Generation | UNABRIDGED
By Leon Bing | Narrated By Linda Bruno
Length: 7 hrs and 30 mins | Release Date: 02-28-13

The-Oracle-GlassThe Oracle Glass | UNABRIDGED
By Judith Merkle Riley | Narrated By Linda Bruno
Length: 17 hrs and 32 mins | Release Date: 02-07-13

How-to-Become-Filthy-Stinking-Rich-Through-Network-MarketingHow to Become Filthy, Stinking Rich Through Network Marketing: Without Alienating Friends and Family | UNABRIDGED
By Mark Yarnell, Derek Hall, Valerie Bates, Shelby Hall | Narrated By Linda Bruno
Length: 7 hrs and 4 mins | Release Date: 08-07-12