Have You Graduated to Lifetime Pass/Lifetime Gold Yet?

We’ve just completed the 4th week of the 2018 ACX Home Study Master Class, with lots of new and updated information & tools…including SEVEN new videos.

Here’s a partial list of some of the valuable info that wasn’t available to previous classes.

Updated Best of Breed Equipment recommendations for 2018

How to fix the “Always Record On A New Track” default on the new version of Audacity

Updated “How To Create Your Own Customized Home Recording Space” with new options

Updated and clarified instructions on “How To Install And Run ACX Check in Audacity”

{PDF} Detailed schedule of what is taught in each of the 4 weeks — a huge time-saver for when you’re trying to find a particular lesson or piece of information

{PDF} Updated ACX Email and Messaging Templates

{video} “How To Use Noise Reduction In Audacity – At Your Own Risk”

{video} “How to Map ‘stop – ff – rec’ to Keyboard Shortcuts”

{video} A third edition of Dan’s analyses of both good and bad ACX profiles

{video} (newly updated) “How to Properly and Cleanly Install the Mike Sock”

{video} “How To Create A Pronunciation Guide and Share It With Your RH”

{video} “How To Use Headliner To Make An Audiobook Trailer”

{video} In-depth Discussion of Audacity’s Punch and Roll With ACX MC Graduate Stuart Gauffi, including a comparison between Punch and Roll and the Stairstep method

With your Lifetime Pass* or Lifetime Gold membership, you’ll never be left behind as ACX and the audiobook world itself continue to evolve and change. It’s like being a very special alumnus who can drop in on a current class whenever they want, or grab the latest edition of the coursework whenever they want.

* If you’re already a Lifetime Pass member, there’s a special message for you beneath the video.

If You Don’t Know What Lifetime Pass and Lifetime Gold Are, Watch The Brief Video (below) by David.

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