The Secret of Accrued Audiobook Assets (Video 3)

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  1. Hi,
    I am very interested in this class. Is it possible for me to register if I live in Sweden? (I am American, but currently live in Sweden.)


    1. Heather: Assuming you have a Social Security number, absolutely yes.

      BTW, where in Sweden are you?

      Of the 37 countries I’ve worked in, Sweden absolutely is my favorite. The first time I visited Stockholm’s Gamla Stan, I felt as though I had returned home. (Y’know, from some previous life sort of thing.)


  2. Is there a lot of union work on ACX? And does this course cover how to get the union work on ACX and any extra steps involved? (I see the word paymaster, and feel like a deer in headlights…)

    1. All jobs on ACX are union jobs, if you’re in the union. I serve on SAG-AFTRA’s Audiobook Narrator Steering Committee, and we cover this in the course – there’s no extra work involved. The paymaster is a good thing – in the case of ACX, using a paymaster makes things easier – it doesn’t involve using the paymaster to convert jobs from non-union to union.

  3. I’m highly interested. Forty year radio pro looking for future retirement income.

    1. Looking forward to working with you! Be sure to get on the Alert List so we can let you know in a couple of days when registration opens!

    2. Great! Please add yourself to the Alert List (via the form on this page) ASAP, so you’ll be notified before the rest of the world exactly when Registration will open.

      Looking forward to having you in the class!

  4. I have been eyeballing and wishing for this class for a while. I’m ready to go, mentally and career wise. The audiobooks I am doing now are *work* and I want to learn to make them fun. I really want to be able to leap when I get that email, but having put a not-insignificant amount of money into another training program (that I am still paying off a year later), I don’t know if I can, and that makes me very sad.

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