The Secret of Accrued
Audiobook Assets (Video 3)

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  1. As with the other videos, if you’ve got a question or comment about audiobooks, narration, Audible or ACX, or anything connected to those topics, feel free to share with us here. Dan and I will jump in if we can clarify things. Thanks for watching!

  2. I am very interested in taking the ACX Masterclass in 2023. I am most interested in a virtual class that is not prerecorded and would prefer a period not in the summer, when I have limited time due to family obligations. This is a great opportunity and I know it is going to happen.

  3. Hi Couldn’t pullup the 1st audio. That being said I am interested in taking the class. When does it start. Thanks SharonRyan

    1. Sharon, I just tested the link to the first video, and it’s working now. Feel free to view the first video in the series.

  4. I have authored 5 fiction novels. Is it a good idea to narrate these novels?
    The 4 book series is about the armored car industry. As senior management, I learned more about this business than the average employee.

    1. Rosemarie –

      Whether you should record the audiobook versions of your own novels is dependent upon two variables:

      1) Do you want to?
      If not, then have a professional do it.

      2a) Do you know how?

      2b) If so, do you know how to do it well?

      If your answers to 2a) and/or 2b) are “No,” find some great audiobook class that will take you from “I don’t know how” to “I can’t believe I thought it would be so difficult for me to learn.”

      Looking forward to having you join us!

  5. For some reason, I am unable to join the alert list with my email address — it is the correct one as well as the only one that I have. Can someone provide assistance?

    As a comment, I had an email discussion with, I believe, Dan regarding the confusing and frustrating responses I got as I began my diligence in “researching” both audiobook narration and ACX specifically. Two friends (both long-time qualified professionals in voiceover or audio engineering) whom I queried made such curiously negative assessments! I felt like I was asking about Amway, for crissake. But people do this, so often, about just Anything. After watching all three videos, I see it’s common in this field too — that’s too bad, and I am sure sorry about that.

    Regardless, still curious/interested. But this — congratulations to you both on your honest and genuine effort to fight back for the integrity of your business. Best of success to you, forever.

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