The Art of Picking the Right
Audiobook Projects (Video 2)

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  1. Feel free to ask any questions or leave comments here, and Dan or I (or both) will respond!

    1. One of my main questions is accessibility after the class. Will we be able to email/zoom with the instructors for answers to questions we have?

      1. Linda –

        One week after the 4-week class ends, there will be a live Q&A Zoom meeting in which you can ask any questions you might still have. (During the 4 weeks, you’ll hear lots of your questions answered on the 4 recorded Q&A sessions.)

        If for any reason you can’t attend that live Q&A session (time zone, work conflict, etc.), you’ll be able to email me up to one hour before the Q&A session begins, ask any/every question you might have, and I’ll ask them for you during the live Q&A…which will be recorded and available to you forever.

        Afterward, you will be invited to join our permanent Mastermind Group. (Prior to then, you’ll be part of the temporary Mastermind Group that will be created just for your class.)

        The permanent mastermind group includes well over 500 graduates of previous ACX Master Classes. You’ll discover that any problem or challenge you may run into already has been faced by other Mastermind Group members, and they’re quick to share with you their solutions and suggestions.

        There’s also a good chance your question has been asked by a Mastermind Group member in the past, and you’ll have ready access to every question, answer, suggestion, tip, etc., that already has been addressed in the Mastermind Group.

        David and I also are in the Mastermind Group, and sometimes we’ll add our 2 cents’ worth, too…especially if no one has yet jumped in with a solution for you. We are not, however, able to answer individual questions privately via email.

        Looking forward to having you in our 2022 Home Study class!

      2. Hi, Linda!

        Unlike some coaches who disappear after they cash the check, David and Dan not only stick around but they manage a private Mastermind Group and a Facebook Group filled with former graduates.

        I have been a member since finishing my class in 2017.

  2. I am already sold on taking this class and am looking forward to when the next one will begin. Do you have a tentative schedule to when the next one starts? If so, I can make sure to have the funds available for the tuition.

    Also, does this class require me to be home during the daytime for the instructors? I need to know how much time I need to take off from my current job.

    1. You don’t need to take any time at all off from your current job – the materials are all recorded, and you can take the courses at your own pace and on your schedule. Be sure to join the Alert List above, and we’ll notify you when we open the doors for registration. It’s coming soon!

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