The Art of Picking the Right Audiobook Projects (Video 2)

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    1. Karyn: It’s happening very soon.

      Because you’ve joined our Alert List, you’ll know at least 24 hours before the rest of the world when Registration will open.

      Looking forward to seeing you in class!

  1. I had the unfortunate experience of recording, editing, and mastering only to be repeatedly rejected by the ACX quality control team. They said there was too much hiss, wrong room tone at the beginning/end, and the pacing was inconsistent. Can the masterclass address these issues?

    1. Noise floor, room tone, ACX standards…all that you’ve mentioned are core elements we teach in the course. And the Mastermind group has the unique ability to allow audio uploads (something social media networks don’t have), so that we can all collectively help you get shipshape. You’re not alone in needing help in that area.

    2. Gary: David already has given you the definitive answer, but what you’re describing is a common problem who attempt to take on ACX “blind” — purely by instinct and by experiences from other media.

      It’s easy to fix.

      And once you fix it, you leave your settings where they are and simply use them for your future projects that are done in that same space with the same equipment.

  2. I am an audiobook narrator with four books to my credit. The last two books have been produced in the last month, and I am beginning another title today. My background is 35 years in radio. I hope to gain more knowledge in the audiobook business, so I can turn it into my next career.

    1. Shawn: 35 years in radio? You’re sure you’ll be able to get through your audiobook sessions without:

      – being hotlined?

      – having one or more salespeople wander into the room as you’re recording?

      Looking forward to seeing you in class!

      1. Ha! That was how it was. My regular job is a radio newscaster recording in a busy, noisy newsroom. The time spent doing audiobooks is preferable, and I want to and will do more of it

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