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      [To return to the Mastermind after reading this topic, you must click this link:]

      The interface for this Mastermind is a bit different that it is for Facebook Groups, but it’s faster and more focused as well, without any of the distractions of Facebook, the ads, the popups, the data theft, the privacy issues and most importantly, the difficulties in simply managing a separate Facebook account.

      Here are some easy tips to make the Mastermind easy to use:

      • Remember that this is not Facebook. You likely won’t be able to do some of the things that you could do on Facebook. This is by design.
      • If you haven’t read through the READ ME FIRST topic, please do.
      • It is strongly recommended that you subscribe to this Mastermind via email. To get email notifications of new topics posted here, visit the main page of the Mastermind (where the list of the most recent topics are shown) and click on the Subscribe link. You’ll receive email when a new topic is posted at the email address you used when you registered for class. (if you’re already subscribed, that link will read Unsubscribe.)
      • A link to the Mastermind is on the Resources page, so it’s visible as soon as you log in to the site.
      • When you see the list of topics, click on any one to read it and to reply to it.
      • If you want to add a new topic, scroll below the list of topics and you’ll find a form for creating a new topic.
      • If you want to reply to a topic, scroll past any replies to the topic and you’ll find a form for replying.
      • Topics and replies both have two main parts: a Title (like the subject line in an email), and the topic/reply itself (a large text box where your message should be composed).
      • Topics are currently rich-text only. You can bold, italicize, blockquote etc, using the text composition bar above the topic window. But you can’t add an image (yet). We’ll let you know if and when that changes.
      • Important: Do not include links in your topic. Any post that has a link will be held for moderation, and will be deleted if it violates the rules (noted in the READ ME FIRST topic).
      • To return to the main page of the Mastermind, showing the list of recent topics, click on the Mastermind’s name in the breadcrumb line at the top of any page content (e.g. “Home > Forums > ACX MC Mastermind“).
      • Enjoy!

      [To return to the Mastermind after reading this topic, you must click this link:]

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      Well, that answers my “why is my post in moderation?” question, as well as why my replies to Jewel likely never posted (all had links, because I was trying to sort out the image button). Very good! No worries!

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      David Martin

      Thank you for making this forum available to us as I intend to come back here time and again when I have a question regarding a narration topic I need assistance with. Provided it is not in audio or video form on resources page.

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      Kent Barnard

      +1 to David M! This is great!

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      Who is David M?

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        Ed Waldorph

        That is the real question here, isn’t it? This mysterious David M.

        Inquiring minds want to know.

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          I’m confused… did we somehow get a non-participant enrolled in the Mastermind Forum? Ed, did you forget to lock the door when you came in for the night? 😉

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      Amanda Serra

      Thank you, David and Dan! I’m grateful for this resource!

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      Jannie Meisberger

      Thank you both, David and Dan, for giving us this resource.

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      Gary Beytin

      I understand

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      Karen-Eileen Gordon

      Well THIS is fun! 🙂

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