The Secret of Accrued
Audiobook Assets (Video 3)

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(YOU’RE WATCHING: VIDEO 3) The Secret of Accrued Audiobook Assets
Plus: Case study of one narrator who went from “newbie” to ”star” with his first audiobook

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  1. Feel free to ask your questions here…Dan and I are ready to answer them and help you begin your journey as an audiobook narrator on ACX, for Audible and for any other production platform or publisher you want to work with.

    And remember, if you miss any of the videos, you can click on the little image of that video below the main video on this page, and it will take you to that video that you missed.

    So…Just post your questions below.

    1. This program was recommended to me by a VO teacher and I definitely will sign up. But before, I am a newbie but I have been taking VOclasses . I would love to learn from both of you the technique but I want to narrate books in Spanish. Is it the same learning? I think yes. Please let me know if I can sign up. Thank you

      1. Details are coming shortly, and you’ll be happy to know that the training we gofer works with any language in which you record your books. And Spanish is the fastest growing language sector!

  2. I enjoyed your three videos and have taken other classes in the past. Along with my passion and skills learned have been able to get cast for game shows, several plays with both leading and support roles, as well as being an extra and recently cast as a Litigant on a national judge show that has been aired. However, will all of the above. I have invested both time & money and not have a return on my investments, except for just someone to say “ I have seen you on, that game show, in that play, or on that episode of the judge show. Now, I am an unexpected widow, on a fixed income and need to earn some money to not just survive but in turn be in the residual. I like what I heard, but wondering if you have a payment plan that would enable me to start the upcoming class. Academically, I have always been on the national honor roll and enjoyed applying my skills in areas that I am passionate about. I am committed to the task, a have the courage to step out on faith, but need a hand up, not a hand out to make it happen.

    1. @Beverly: When we open Registration, for the first couple of days David and I reward “Early Action” by paying the first $300 of your tuition for you. There is no payment plan available for that deeply discounted rate.

      After the Early Action window has closed, the $300 tuition bonus disappears. At that time, you can pay for your tuition all at once or in 2 monthly payments.

      1. ok thank you … so the 2 mo plan would be what.. is its about 500 a mo.. for two months

  3. David,
    I finally took the step and registered earlier this year (May) after hesitating for two years. I’m anxiously awaiting for the class to start. Sorry I took so long, thanks for you patience.

  4. I am definitely interested in taking the class. Please notify me when it is available.

  5. Hello

    I am listening to this video yet everyone talks about 2022 training class it is 2023 will the cost be the same as 2022

    1. @Paula: Actually, I believe the only person who mentioned “2022” was, uh…me….at the very end of this third video. It was what we in the industry call “a screw-up.” And neither David nor I caught my…uh, screw-up.

      All 3 videos are talking about the 2023 class — despite my last words on the video above these comments. I apologize for the confusion. (And yes, we do plan to keep the tuition at the 2022 rate.)

  6. Thank you I am thinking of joining the program I have never done this before so I am one of the newbies. I need a new professions have doubts about me not the program.. Can an old lady do this.?

    1. @Paula: Because I don’t know you, I can speak only in generalities. I do know we’ve had a number of successful students who are older than you. (I believe the oldest was 81 when he took our class.)

      Do you like to read? Have you ever successfully read a story to someone — a child, perhaps? (Successfully = The person listened, understood and followed along with the story…and you enjoyed the experience.) If so, that’s a very good sign.

      Much of what you’ll be learning will be new to you…but none of it is difficult. Even though deep inside you may have doubts or fears about your ability to learn new things, are you willing to give it a try?

      If I take your question literally — “Can an old lady do this?” — the answer absolutely is yes. If I take your question more specifically — “Can I do this?” — my answer is, “Well, I don’t know you. But if you want to do this and you’re willing to learn some new stuff, then I don’t know why you wouldn’t be able to.”

      If you go to, you’ll find a couple of hundred “reviews” of the ACX Master Class. Many of them are from people who never previously had recorded an audiobook (or anything else). Please check out what those folks have to say — especially those who entered the class as “newbies.”

  7. Can you explain why do these videos have the scrolling disabled? I would sometimes like to move forward or backward within them and I can’t. Thanks.

    1. Speaking of scrolling through the video, just now, my video got disrupted 3/4 of the way through and I had to start the playback all over again from the beginning. Video #3 is 46 min, and, like many of us, I value my time and don’t want to waste it.
      Can you help me understand why these videos are set up this way? Are the Masterclass videos also unscrollable?

    2. We’re lobbying the tech team to add a “back up for X seconds” button, in case there was something you didn’t quite catch and want to hear it again.

  8. 1. Do narrators read the entire book prior to narrating it? So if it is a nine hour finished product, you spend about seven hours reading it first? (The eyes go faster than the mouth.)

    2. I’m guessing that with the name of ACX master class, getting work with other publishers is not part of the education?

    Thank you.

    1. Two answers, one to each of your two questions:

      One: we show you exactly how to read/prep the book ahead of time. It’s not like reading the book for pleasure. Plus we teach you how to use a tool that does a lot of that analysis work for you.

      Two: the very last module of the course is called Beyond ACX, and it’s designed to help you apply what you learn in the course with all of the other options that you have: other producers, production platforms, big publishers, etc.. So yes, all that you learn is applicable to all future opportunities.

  9. hello. I wanted to join ACX but noticed it’s not available for Venezuela, just like other platforms for voice actor. I’d like to know why, and will it someday be available for this country?

  10. Hello
    Couple questions-
    1) I wondered- will you be giving us feedback/coaching on our samples?
    2) the videos that will be in the class- when were they filmed?
    – they Facebook Live with Kat was great last night, I watched the replay.

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