Registration for 2021 “Home Study” ACX MASTER CLASS

Dan O’Day and David H. Lawrence XVII invite you to become an ACX Audiobook Master…

What Is The Home Study ACX Master Class?

A four-week class produced by Dan O’Day (radio & voiceover marketing guru) and taught by David H. Lawrence XVII (Audible Approved Producer of nearly 200 audiobooks over the past three decades).

Don’t worry; you don’t have to master everything in 4 weeks. You’ll have access to all the learning materials forever.

Who Is This Class For?

It’s for actors, voice talents and storytellers who want to take control of their lives and their careers…starting today.

Learn Without Leaving Your House.

Your Home Study ACX Master Class will be taught via mp3 audio recordings, streaming online videos, and PDF Study Guides & documents.

Absorb every element when you want, where you want, and as many times as you want.

You’ll have access to all the learning materials forever.

Online Video Instruction

As a member of our Home Study ACX Master Class, you’ll receive lifetime access to our private class site, including 40+ videos to walk you through the key elements — including all of the technical steps involved.

From “basic” (e.g., filling out your ACX profile for optimal effectiveness) to “advanced” (e.g., how to use David’s “stairstep” method of editing your audio recordings)….

We’re with you every step of the way.

(Don’t worry, the technical stuff is easy. We’re just making it even easier for you to learn it.)

Detailed PDF Study Guides

We’re going to cover a lot of material in these four weeks.

Your PDF Study Guides will give you a head start on each week’s training.

Weekly Assignments

Hey, we can’t make you do these assignments.

But we want you to achieve audiobook success as quickly as possible.

And we know these assignments will help you do just that.

To Achieve the Fastest Results, We Recommend Following this Schedule.

We carefully constructed for you a 4-week schedule comprised of 11 modules.

It’s a lot of information, but we’ve created a 4-week structure that already has been proven to work.

You can take longer than 4 weeks if you wish. (Take as long as you want.)

Or put yourself on the “fast track” by following the 4-week schedule we’ve laid out for you.


On each of four consecutive Tuesdays, you’ll receive:

  • That week’s Study Guide — a detailed blueprint that enables us to take you by the hand and lead you through each step.
  • An mp3 recording of an audio class that covers two or more modules (see curriculum below).
  • Videos that walk you through any aspect of ACX and/or audiobook recording that anyone might possibly find confusing without seeing how it’s done.


On each of four consecutive Fridays, you’ll receive that week’s mp3 recording of the Q&A class in which we answered every question our “live” students had about anything discussed in that week’s modules.

Important: At the end of the course, you’ll be able to ask any questions you still might have in a live Q&A call with Dan, David and the entire Home Study class.

On two Thursdays, you’ll also receive extraordinarily valuable recorded bonus calls.

One of the bonus calls provides a unique look at hiring audiobook narrators…from the perspective of a best-selling author who hires narrators via ACX.

You’ll learn first-hand what makes an author jump at the chance to hire you…or run like heck in the opposite direction.

(As a result, you’ll never make the mistakes so many narrators do.)

The second bonus call provides an expert look at mic placement in a sound-dampened environment. Hint: Most narrators make the same fatal error.

Live “Week 5” Q&A Class

One week after the 4-week Home Study course, we’ll have a live Q&A class during which you can ask any question(s) you still have about audiobook narration & ACX.

The call will be live.

But if you have a schedule conflict, naturally we’ll provide you with the mp3 recording afterward.

You can even email us your questions in advance, to make sure they’re asked during the live call.

Client Management Email Templates

During our ACX Master Class, you’ll learn how to take the lead in your collaboration with the author from beginning to end.

Most or all of your communications will be via email.

But what do you say in those emails?

By the end of the class, you’ll have a firm understanding of the psychology of ACX client management.

To make it as easy as possible for you to transform your understanding into daily practice, we’ll give you the actual email templates that David has created and used so successfully in his own audiobook career.

Just copy & paste as needed, and you can concentrate on delivering excellent performances and cultivating long-term relationships with authors.

Private Mastermind Group #1
(first 4 weeks)

Once you’ve registered, you’ll be invited to join our new, private online Mastermind Group only for our Home Study students.

You are not taking this new journey alone.
You’ll be able to:
–  compare notes with fellow classmates and peers
–  share challenges and questions
–  share recommendations, solutions, and successes.

Both David and Dan will be regular participants in this Mastermind Group, too.

You’re not in this alone!

This private group will be hosted on on this site,

It’ll be invisible to the rest of the world, but it will be an ongoing resource of encouragement and information for you.

Private Mastermind Group #2

After you’ve completed the first four weeks, you’ll be invited to join our permanent ACX Mastermind Group, also private and available here on the site.

This is the Mastermind Group you’ve heard so much about.

An experienced, incredibly generous bunch of pros… 

…who will be waiting to welcome you to become part of the savviest, coolest and smartest Mastermind Group in the History of the World.*

* Your coolness may vary. Sure, we’re biased. But ask anyone in our Mastermind Group.

This Mastermind Group doesn’t devote itself to gossip or sharing cute videos…or complaining about how “tough” it is to succeed with audiobook narration, like you may have found all over Facebook.

This is a group of pros who are succeeding on ACX…

…and who will be eager to help you with your success.

Both David and Dan are regular participants in this Mastermind Group, too.

We Will Promote Your Audiobooks (and Your Authors).

You think you don’t know much about marketing audiobooks? Here’s a shocker:

The authors with whom you’ll be partnering probably know absolutely nothing about marketing.

We’ll equip you with an added advantage that virtually no other narrators have:

A platform from which to promote the books you record.

For each ACX title you record after joining our Master Class, we will:

reddish-box-reflection  Promote your audiobook via the ACXMasterClass website.

reddish-box-reflection  Promote your audiobook via a battery of social media sites.

reddish-box-reflection  Promote your audiobook via our exclusive Video Marketing

To take advantage of this extraordinary bonus feature, you’ll need to create a simple “video” for each audiobook.

Don’t worry, we’ll teach you exactly how to do it. It’s easy.

Once you’ve given us the video, we’ll do the rest.

Result: Much higher online visibility for your audiobooks, which can lead to more sales for you and your authors…

…and which will make you a much more likely candidate for their “narrator of choice.”

We Will Promote You.

Once you have recorded at least one ACX audiobook, we will feature you on our website as an alumnus — with a link directly to your ACX profile.

Result: Higher online visibility for you as an audiobook narrator, increasing the likelihood of your being found by authors searching for people to record their titles.


Week One (June 21)

How to Profit from the ACX Marketplace

reddish-box-reflection  Inside ACX: How the Pieces Fit
reddish-box-reflection   Union Members: The Real Story for SAG-AFTRA members
reddish-box-reflection  Union vs. Non-Union
reddish-box-reflection  6 Reasons Why You Want to Be on
reddish-box-reflection  How You Make Money
reddish-box-reflection  How You Get Paid
reddish-box-reflection  How ACX Promotes You
reddish-box-reflection  5 Common Misconceptions About ACX
reddish-box-reflection  20 Reasons ACX Is Better for You than “Pay-to-Play” Sites

Creating Your ACX Profile: Step-by-Step Guide

reddish-box-reflection  How to Join
reddish-box-reflection  Creating a Profile that Attracts Jobs
reddish-box-reflection  Most Important Element of your Profile (most people miss this)
reddish-box-reflection  6 Competitive Advantages Your Profile Should Have
reddish-box-reflection  3 Key Elements of your Professional Summary
reddish-box-reflection  “About You”: What to Include
reddish-box-reflection  “About You”: What Not to Include
reddish-box-reflection  How to Use “Awards & Recognition” if You Haven’t Won Any
Awards Yet

reddish-box-reflection  “Your Website”: What You Should Link To
reddish-box-reflection  “Your Website”: Four Sites You Never Should Include
reddish-box-reflection  Uploading Your Samples
      reddish-box-reflection  Format
      reddish-box-reflection  Length
      reddish-box-reflection  How Many You Should Upload
      reddish-box-reflection  What if You Don’t Have Any?
reddish-box-reflection  Whether to Choose “Royalty Share” or “Pay for Production”
reddish-box-reflection  How Much to Charge


reddish-box-reflection  Narrowing Your Field of Genres
  Evaluating the Competition
reddish-box-reflection  Evaluating Profiles
  Evaluating Demos

Week Two (June 28)

Your ACX Demo Portfolio

reddish-box-reflection  Meeting ACX standards
reddish-box-reflection  Preferred Demo Length
reddish-box-reflection  How Many Demos Should You Have?
reddish-box-reflection  Where to Find Demo Material if You’re Just Beginning
reddish-box-reflection  How Often You Should Update Your Demo Portfolio

Your Equipment and Software

reddish-box-reflection  Computer Equipment
reddish-box-reflection  Mac vs. PC
reddish-box-reflection  Microphone
reddish-box-reflection  Accessories
reddish-box-reflection  Recording/Editing Software
reddish-box-reflection  Tips for Recording in Your Home
reddish-box-reflection  Tips for Recording Away from Home/Studio

Your Opportunities in the Nonfiction Market

reddish-box-reflection  Nine Niches for You to Explore

How to Voice Nonfiction Audiobooks

reddish-box-reflection  Your Most Important Goal
reddish-box-reflection  Proper Titling Structure
reddish-box-reflection  Incorporating Visual References
reddish-box-reflection  Two Things to Know About Your Audience
reddish-box-reflection  Three Requirements of Your Voice Delivery for Nonfiction
reddish-box-reflection  Three Requirements for the Listener to Be Happy
reddish-box-reflection  Nonfiction Enunciation Calibration
reddish-box-reflection  Voicing Steps, Lists and Processes
reddish-box-reflection  Identifying & Connecting to Your Audience


reddish-box-reflection Downloading Free Recording Software
reddish-box-reflection Nonfiction Practice Auditions

Week Three (July 5)

How to Record for ACX with Audacity*
* You can use whatever software you prefer. But Audacity is the only software that will enable you to cut your editing time by as much as 75%.

reddish-box-reflection  Gathering Your Assets, Software and Hardware
reddish-box-reflection  ACX Recording Standards
reddish-box-reflection  ACX Mastering Standards
reddish-box-reflection  Most Efficient Script Viewing
reddish-box-reflection  Auditioning and Performance
reddish-box-reflection  How to Match Your Previous Session’s Performance
reddish-box-reflection  Input Levels
reddish-box-reflection  Audio Silence Standards
reddish-box-reflection  How to Build Silences into Your Read
reddish-box-reflection  The “Stairstep” Method of Recording and Editing
reddish-box-reflection   5 Common Narration Time Wasters (and how to avoid them)

How to Edit Raw Tracks for ACX with Audacity

Mastering for ACX with Audacity

reddish-box-reflection  Little-Known Free Software to Make Your Audio Sound Incredible

How to Narrate Fiction Audiobooks

reddish-box-reflection  How to Choose Your Auditions Wisely
reddish-box-reflection  How to Identify Your Audience
reddish-box-reflection  How to Create Your Characters
reddish-box-reflection  Voicing the Narrator
reddish-box-reflection  Voicing Female Characters
reddish-box-reflection  Voicing Male Characters
reddish-box-reflection  Voicing Children
reddish-box-reflection  When and How to Use Accents
reddish-box-reflection  Six Vital Presentation Tips
reddish-box-reflection  Fiction Enunciation Calibration


reddish-box-reflection  Downloading & Installing “Secret” Mastering Software
reddish-box-reflection  Fiction Practice Auditions

Week Four (July 12)

How to Audition for ACX

reddish-box-reflection   Step-By-Step ACX Audition Guide
reddish-box-reflection  Selecting the Best Auditions for You
reddish-box-reflection  10 Reasons to Consider Auditioning for a Particular Title
reddish-box-reflection  5 Reasons to Decline an Audition for a Particular Title
reddish-box-reflection  Preparing for Your Audition
reddish-box-reflection  Choosing the Best Passage for Your Audition
reddish-box-reflection  How to Slate Your Audition
reddish-box-reflection  How to Submit Your Audition

How to Create a Companion PDF

Producing the Audiobook: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Manage ACX Clients

reddish-box-reflection  Three key metrics to help you identify the most profitable titles
reddish-box-reflection  Moving from “Auditioning” to “Booking”
reddish-box-reflection  Managing Client Expectations
reddish-box-reflection  Setting Expectations When You Audition
reddish-box-reflection  Potent Skill Representation
reddish-box-reflection  Planning for Success
reddish-box-reflection  Booking the Client, Not the Work
reddish-box-reflection  Project Payment Clarity
reddish-box-reflection  Step-by-Step Client Folder Creation
reddish-box-reflection  How to Handle Complex Change Requests
reddish-box-reflection  How to Establish a Clear Paper Trail
reddish-box-reflection  Using Pre-Written Messages for Each Step
reddish-box-reflection  How to “Hand Hold” the Client
reddish-box-reflection  Dealing with Client Feedback
reddish-box-reflection  How to Handle Slow-to-Respond Clients
reddish-box-reflection  Setting Yourself Up as Client’s “Preferred Narrator”
reddish-box-reflection  5 Things You Should Do To Make The Rights Holder Want to Work Only With You (that very few of your competitors do)

How to Manage ACX Projects

reddish-box-reflection  Acquiring Necessary Assets
reddish-box-reflection  Setting Your Production Schedule
reddish-box-reflection  Scheduling Your Delivery Date
reddish-box-reflection  When Not to Begin Working
reddish-box-reflection  Scheduling for Disaster
reddish-box-reflection  Special Research Before You Begin Recording
reddish-box-reflection  How to Avoid a Nightmare
reddish-box-reflection  Which Files to Save, and for How Long
reddish-box-reflection  Responding to Revision Requests
reddish-box-reflection  When to Invoice the Client
reddish-box-reflection  How to Create Your Own Retail Sample of Finished Audiobook
reddish-box-reflection  How & When to “Sanitize” Your Retail Sample
reddish-box-reflection  How to Earn More From Every Sale (Even without Royalty Share)

What Happens Next

reddish-box-reflection  Revisions
reddish-box-reflection  Pickups
reddish-box-reflection  Retail Sample Sanitization
reddish-box-reflection  Promoting Your Audiobook
reddish-box-reflection  Scheduling for Disaster 


9pm Eastern
6pm Pacific

Your mp3 recordings of the weekly Q&A classes will answer virtually every question you might think of.

This live Q&A class will address any remaining questions you might have.

If you can’t make the call “live,” you’ll be be invited to submit your questions in advance and you’ll hear them answered in your mp3 recording of this Q&A class.

Open to U.S., UK, Canada and Ireland Residents

At present, ACX is open only to

• U.S. citizens with a Social Security
x number.

• U.S residents (not necessarily citizens)
x of the United States who have a valid
x U.S. Taxpayer Identification Number x
x and are able to submit Form W9.

• Canadian citizens and residents who
x have a Canadian Tax I.D., a Canadian
x bank account, and a Canadian address.

• UK citizens and residents who have a
x UK Tax I.D. (your National Insurance
x I.D. will suffice), a UK bank account, and
x a UK address.

• Irish citizens and residents who have
x an Irish Tax I.D., an Irish bank account,
x and an Irish address.

If you don’t meet any of the requirements above, we do not recommend that you join this exclusive Master Class.


Final Registration Closes
11:59pm Eastern
 / 8:59pm Pacific

Friday, June 18, 2020


“Can I pay my tuition in installments?”

Yes. If you wish, you can pay in 2  monthly installments.

Click here for the details of our 2-payment plan.